How does Piksor’s Content Moderating System work?

Piksor’s content moderating system is a complex system that uses both human and artificial intelligence to review user-generated content. When content is reported by a user, a copy of the report is sent to both human employees and an artificial intelligence image processor. The artificial intelligence image processor is able to quickly scan the content and identify potential violations of Piksor’s terms of service. If the artificial intelligence image processor identifies a violation, the content is removed from the website and the user who posted the content is blocked. Otherwise, the content is sent to human employees for review. Human employees review the content to ensure that it complies with Piksor’s terms of service and that it is not harmful or offensive. If the human employees find that the content violates Piksor’s terms of service, the content is removed from the website and the user who posted the content is blocked.

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How can I report content that violates Piksor’s terms of service?

To report content that violates Piksor’s terms of service, you can click on the “Report” button that is located on each room page. You will then be asked to provide a reason for your report.after report ,  the system show you a tracking code.

How long does it take for a report to be reviewed?

The time it takes for a report to be reviewed depends on the volume of reports. In general, it takes between 10 and 30 minutes for a report to be reviewed.

What does the tracking code do?

The tracking code that is assigned to each report is stored in our backup server. This tracking code can be used to retrieve information about the report, such as the type of content that was reported and the reason for the report.

How does Piksor report CSAM content?

Piksor reports CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material) content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). If an IP address is reported for CSAM content, Piksor may place that person’s IP address on a watchlist and monitor all of the person’s IP addresses.

How serious is Piksor about fighting CSAM content?

Piksor is committed to fighting CSAM content. We are willing to cooperate with any government agency from any point in the world to root out this violation from the real world.

How to Report and Pursue Legal Action for Abuse on Piksor?

Read full steps here : https://piksor.com/how-to-report-and-pursue-legal-action-for-abuse-on-piksor/

What happens if I submit a baseless report?

If you submit a baseless report, your IP address may be blocked. This will prevent you from submitting any further reports.

When I report content on Piksor, I don’t get a tracking code. What should I do?